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Bakery 28 in Cornelius, NC

(This article appeared in the Summer 2020 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Keli Marks, Owner

Company mission:

Bakery 28’s mission is to be a profitable company from making and selling baked goods with exceptional taste, presentation, quality and service, while using environmentally safe practices. Bakery 28 sources ingredients from local farmers and a local coffee roaster and uses organic, sustainable and/or fair-trade ingredients when possible.

Signature products:

1. Classic Mille Feuille (they sell before they hit the showcase!)
2. My extensive menu of over 20 French macarons
3. The Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich
4. Dessert Waffles, made-to-order
5. My VEGAN Almond Croissant (….yes, I said vegan and it IS amazing)

Secrets of success:

1. Make/Do What I Love: During my three-year break from the food industry, I decided to do what moved me, which was play my violin. I ended up playing for the Lake Norman Orchestra and through this, I learned that doing what I love creates an inner peace, confidence and belief that all things are possible. This translated into pastry, because when I love a recipe it shows in the final product: the taste, the presentation and the enthusiasm to sell it.

2. Be Authentic: Putting an Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich on my menu seemed to be a bold (and vulnerable) move, but it has proved that the combination of nostalgia, a damn good oatmeal cookie recipe and trust in myself equaled something people now crave.

3. Successful Marriage: Having my husband as my biggest fan has proved to be an important ingredient in this whole mix. He believes in me, makes me laugh after a 12-hour day and is always willing to try what I make. Although his background is not in food industry, he has learned to make a pretty mean cappuccino!

Shop’s best features:

The contemporary bold contrast of the dark blue walls and white accents and five huge showcases.

Photos by Taylor Gustaferro

Visit https://www.bakery28.com/ for more info.

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