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AnnTremet Cake in New York, NY

Annabelle & Peixin Li, Owners

Company Mission

“Entremet,” is a nod to the French pastry art, embodying the pinnacle of dessert craftsmanship. Fusing “entremet” with Annabelle’s moniker, AnnTremet emerges—symbolizing the union of French artistry with her and her team’s unique flair.

Signature Products

Committed to uncompromising quality, AnnTremet’s creations boast meticulously curated seasonal ingredients and novel pairings such as purple yam, lychee, passion fruit, black sesame, chestnut, yuzu, mango etc. Our philosophy leans towards reduced sugar (50% less sugar compared to average American bakery) letting the natural sweetness of their ingredients shine through.

Production Tip 

We do extensive recipe development mainly based on our employees’ own ideas. In the recipe development process, we would purposely create new processes that would run efficiently in our kitchen. For example, instead of using techniques that would require smaller batches and more frequent production, we would choose procedures that can be made on a larger scale.

We keep our eye out for tips that can save our time in production significantly. One of the most random ones we found but saved us so much time is to line parchment paper for burnt Basque cheesecakes using a plastic quart container. It is slightly smaller than the cake pan we are using. All it takes is to place a round parchment paper on top of the mold and use the plastic container to press it into the mold. It automatically creates the pretty folds we need instantly, which otherwise can take us half a minute folding by hand.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’ 

One of the most important pieces of equipment in our kitchen is for sure the KitchenAid mixers. They are not only used for whipping up cakes, mousse, and other desserts, we also use them to combine sauces, break down flour clumps and knead dough. We use them for almost everything.

Secret of Success 

We modernized the traditional French entremet look and added our own artsy design, together with our Asian fusion flavor profile, to differentiate ourselves in the market.

Revamping a traditional idea into a new one is a faster way to general market value, because you already have a foundation and group of audiences that already accepted the concept, like French pastries and cakes. On top of that, the invention has to stay true to yourself, your background, and the things you are most familiar with. That’s how you can deliver sincerity to your customer.

Future Goals 

In 2024 our plan is to open up a new shop with more indoor seating and a better environment for people to enjoy our small desserts and afternoon tea. We are also aiming to open cake customization sessions for our customers to create cakes for themselves (we offer all equipment, tools, and ingredients).

For more info, visit www.anntremet.com

(This article appeared in the Winter 2024 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

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