Pastry Arts Magazine is a quarterly digital-only publication published in January, April, July and October. Its purpose is to inspire, educate and connect the pastry community. If you are interested in sharing your expertise and passion for pastry with a readership of pastry and baking professionals, you can find all the information for contributing below.


We are currently open for the following opportunities:

  • Pitch a Topic (General Article): Share a pastry/baking point of view (technical info, trend info, product method, etc.)
  • Recipes: A professional recipe with images and one page profile on the contributor
  • Flavor Inspiration: An image of a unique pastry/dessert with the flavor profile and technical tip for making (not a recipe)
  • Places: A Q&A with the owner(s) of a brick and mortar pastry/bakery/dessert shop
  • Expert Tips: An advanced technical tip in one of the following categories: bread, cake, chocolate, baking, pastry or frozen desserts


Step 1: Pitch Your Idea

Complete the form below describing your original idea or category you want to contribute to such as Recipes, Expert Tips, Flavor Inspiration, Places, etc.

Step 2: Submission

If your pitch is accepted, you’ll receive an email approving your pitch and providing you instructions for uploading your submission. Use the pre-approved templates below to ensure your submission meets our specifications and formatting guidelines.

Step 3: Publishing

When your submission is published, you will receive an email with a link to download the magazine issue along with promotional images – hooray!



Q: Can I request to contribute for multiple categories?
A: Yes, you can submit for different categories.

Q: What happens after I request to contribute?
A: If you’re accepted, you will receive an email within 10 days. However, we are unable to provide emails to everyone who is not selected.

Q: Is there compensation for contributing?
A: For this type of contributing, there is no monetary compensation. Your work will be published, and in many cases, shared on social media to a large social network in the pastry and baking industry.

Q: What are the full terms for submitting and getting published?
A: You can find the full terms at www.pastryartsmag.com/terms.