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Arely’s French Bakery in San Diego, CA

Kevin Diaz, Co-Owner

Company Mission

Being a family owned-and-operated bakery, Arely’s mission is to share their love for pastries and baked goods with tourists and regulars alike. The menu is one that has united the Diaz family for over 20 years. The most rewarding aspect of the job for the owner, Kevin Diaz, is seeing excitement in an individual’s eyes as they walk into the shop for the first time. He equally loves Arely’s local regulars, some who come in on a daily basis for coffee, a pastry, breakfast, and a croissant to go.

Signature Products

Signature products are croissants, whether they are classic, almond, or one of Kevin Diaz’s crafted seasonal specials such as pumpkin spice or peppermint. Being a French bakery, their tarts are always popular featuring fresh fruits and homemade jams such as apricot tarts and raspberry tarts as well as the unique Almond Horse Shoe. Every year, they prepare for the holiday season with hundreds of Yule logs, available from six inches to two feet long, and in flavors like hazelnut, tiramisu, raspberry, and chocolate.

Production Tip 

Arely’s has streamlined the way their team makes French Macaroons. Their recipe requires attention to detail—how long each of the ingredients are mixed, whipped, etc. To master the texture, flavor, and appearance of the classic French Macaroon, Arely’s splits the recipe among two individuals so they can each focus on separate tasks. The result? One thousand macaroons in under two hours that are perfect for the eye and taste.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’ 

Without Arely’s 5 Quart Hobart Mixer, they would not be as effective, especially when it comes to meringues. Twenty-five years ago, they invested in this machine, which allows them to create eighty meringues in less than six minutes. While five quarts may seem small in a bakery, the machine’s horsepower doubles with the unique arm attachment, making it a priceless item in the shop.

Secret of Success 

Arely’s has achieved its success through customer service and investing in high quality ingredients. Being a family-owned-and-operated business, every individual who walks through the door is treated like family, and is likely welcomed by Salvador, Kevin, or Arely Diaz. Kevin Diaz swears that “it all comes down to the butter.” Arely’s invests in high quality butter to make recipes unmatched compared to competitors who may substitute with margarines or oils at times.

Future Goals 

Arely’s has two projects in the works that will elevate customers’ dining experience as well as pastry education. The exterior of Arely’s will soon have a face lift, bringing an authentic Parisian atmosphere to San Diego with new fencing, seating, fans, sound system, and art. In addition, Arely’s will expand to the unit next door, creating an observatory of a patisserie. The new patisserie will feature glass walls on all sides so customers can peer into Arely’s craft, as well as join the party themselves by renting the space for pastry classes and get a glimmer into Kevin Diaz’s knowledge that he loves to share with others.

For more info, visit www.arelyfrenchbakery.com

(This article appeared in the Winter 2024 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

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