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The Dolly Llama in Los Angeles, CA

Eric Shomof and Samuel Baroux

Company Mission

Since its inception in 2017, The Dolly Llama’s primary mission has always been to combine childhood nostalgia with a creative and modern dessert twist for all to enjoy. From our youngest guests to our oldest, there is something to make everyone happy!

Signature Products

Our signature products are definitely our Bubble Waffles, OG Liege and creative shakes. The most requested would come from our Top Picks menu, serving unique and delicious concoctions. Customers often crave signature cookie monster creations, whether it’s our Dolly’s Dream bubble or shake or simply piling it onto a warm OG Waffle. Some even come with an ice cream pint or OG Liege boxes to-go that are perfect for parties or the whole family. You can’t go wrong!

Production Tip

Because we have had a lot of growth over the past year, we needed to find a way to get that identical aesthetic, vibe and product, no matter what city the outlet is in. We found a way to create our freshly made signature batter and have it sent directly to each location. This saves time with less preparation for each store and keeps us on brand with uniform flavors and products.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

Our biggest must-have pieces of equipment are our exclusively made waffle machines. These machines are designed specifically for The Dolly Llama and shipped directly from Belgium.

Secret of Success

Our unique inception story and recipe are definitely two factors that set us apart! The Dolly Llama is named after a real-life llama named Dolly that co-founder Samuel Baroux encountered in the South of France. As a restaurateur, Samuel understood the importance of quality. When The Dolly Llama was first starting, Samuel and I sent our two top staff to become waffle masters in Belgium and mimic a 2000-year-old recipe. They then brought the training to Los Angeles to create the desserts happy customers enjoy today.

Future Goals

We are constantly working to strategically and steadily expand throughout the U.S. while maintaining uniformity and quality each step of the way. We also love partnering with well-known brands to create unique dessert combinations, increase brand awareness, and make The Dolly Llama a household name!

For more info, visit https://thedollyllamaus.com/

(This article appeared in the Fall 2023 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

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