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Say ‘Yes’ to the ‘Noe’ Bar

What happens when two of America’s leading artisan chocolate companies come together? Something truly special. Bryan Graham of Fruition Chocolate Works and Christopher Curtin of Eclat Chocolate have combined both of their styles into one exceptional, special edition bar.

The bar is made from beans that come from a single farmer, Noe Vasquez, in Peru, and is packaged in a black wrapper that features Noe’s name prominently on the front. Noe Vasquez is the only producer to grow the largest cacao bean variety known in Northern Peru.

The bean showcases a light, yet sophisticated flavor and has been verified by the USDA as a perfect cross of Nacional and Criollo varieties. Due to the unusually large size of the cacao beans and the pod’s thin husk, these beans have only a one-day harvest window, and are so difficult to grow commercially that this variety has never been offered for sale as a finished chocolate. Only four 50-kg bags of these incredibly rare beans were found on one of Eclat Chocolate’s sourcing trips to Peru.

These highly limited Noe 80% dark chocolate bars are available through select specialty grocers and cafes, as well as Fruition Chocolate Works’ and Eclat Chocolate’s respective retail and online stores. To purchase the Noe bar online, visit www.fruitionchocolateworks.com or www.eclatchocolate.com.

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