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Valrhona’s New INSPIRATION YUZU Couverture

Valrhona expands its INSPIRATION range by introducing YUZU to the North America market.

Getting its highly concentrated, vibrant natural flavor and color from yuzu juice, YUZU is natural and preservative free in addition to being naturally dairy and gluten free. Yuzu is a completely unique, treasured fruit with a naturally sweet, tangy flavor and a hint of bitterness that blends perfectly with other ingredients – such as dark chocolate, coconut and aromatic herbs – enhancing their flavors.

Yuzu bursts onto the palate with an exceptional citrus flavor and character like no other ingredient. Valrhona uses high-quality yuzu farmed in tiny smallholdings found in Southeast Japan’s rural Kochi region. The yuzu grows in very small quantities, but with incomparable flavor thanks to the citrus-friendly terroir and climate. This carefully cultivated crop is what gives YUZU INSPIRATION its powerful flavor.

YUZU INSPIRATION will be available on www.valrhona-chocolate.com starting September 3rd.

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