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Krea Swiss volumeSPRAY: Fastest Gun in the Kitchen

Wielding 90 Watts of spraying power, the Krea Swiss volumeSPRAY is the ideal electric spray gun for chocolate work.

This high-performance sprayer is able to discharge even the most viscous materials – use it for jams, sauces or other thick substances. You can also use it to spray large areas from a floor container by attaching the Krebs extension tube.

It is fast, economical, accurate and food-industry approved – a great alternative to the brush or non-food-regulation-compliant paint gun. An excellent time saver, the volumeSPRAY requires minimum work effort while yielding the highest delivery.

The gun is capable of thick to fine spray finishes, with excellent material distribution and economical use of material, and is designed to comply with EU Food standards and US Food and Drug Administration regulations. Available from www.bakedeco.com.

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