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Tecumseh Bread & Pastry in Tecumseh, MI

(This article appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Alisyn and Arlo Brandl, Owners

Company Mission

We strive to bake the best goods we can with the desire to support our local grain economy, and our locals, as well!

Signature Products

Our croissants and sourdough breads using fresh milled (right here in the shop!), organic whole grains. We were the first to be doing it in our area, and every day it draws in a wonderful group of regulars and others looking for that ‘European’ style baking they love.

Production Tip

For croissants, we do back-to-back double folds to reduce the resting time by an hour. Also, very unheard of, we proof all our laminated doughs at room temperature for up to 19 hours (no proofer/retarder available here!) with such minimal quantities of yeast to allow for a smooth, milky taste without a hint of sour, and also all the products are immediately ready for the oven when we arrive.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

Space for special orders! We thrive off of customers ordering goods and we can’t do without custom shelves under counters to organize and alphabetize all orders during the holiday season. These shelves cut back on the madness and keep the customer line flowing. Also, our Jansen Grain mill. Fresh flour makes an astounding difference in taste and texture.

Secret of Success

We are always there, working, helping customers, supporting our community and never stray away from our passion: owning a bakery! If an issue arises, we can troubleshoot it, and also receive great feedback and suggestions from customers by always being available when the shop is open.

Future Goals

Two years ago (COVID!), we purchased and began renovating a downtown historic building to move our operation to. This will contain our larger grain mill, bigger bread oven, and have a beautiful pastry display case, custom dry goods rack, and of course more seating for all of our wonderful customers. We are excited to continue to meet the demand in a sustainable manner for our family.

Visit www.tecumsehbakery.com/ for more info

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