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Sweets on the Street: Mademoiselle Patisserie Showcases Sweet and Savvy Success

Ever wonder what makes a French-inspired pastry shop a success? Aside from having decadent desserts and breads that are reticent of France, it’s business savvy location, of course.

Such is the case of Mademoiselle Patisserie located in the booming village of Patchogue, Long Island. While Patchogue’s extremity is very different from France, that doesn’t seem to stop this postage sized south shore gem from being an amazing patisserie on the inside.

Authenticity is visually evident in the mixing, kneading, proofing, baking and finishing taking place in the street-facing window. At Mademoiselle Patisserie, those tasks are performed by Michelle Gillette-Kelly and her staff on premise, six days a week.

While it is easy to love everything about Mademoiselle, the Parisian themed atmosphere, the decadent baked goods, the friendly staff, the most amazing thing about Mademoiselle lays within its timing. It seems to have come to Patchogue at exactly the right moment, in the middle of a village renaissance that has seen the birth of many new shops, restaurants, art spaces and upscale condominiums.

The area dubbed “International Row” seems to be the perfect spot to bring a taste of France to this growing town. Michelle’s timing combined with business savvy shows how important it is to do research and put foresight right next to passion when starting a new business.

Michelle’s expertise in French pastry is what is giving her business a fast-growing following, but it can’t hurt that she is providing the right provisions in the right place at the right time. Case in point, while waiting in line, patrons were expressing how thankful they were for Mademoiselle’s arrival and driving 25 minutes to get here was a small price to pay for the rewards.

Michelle, a 2009 graduate of Peter Kump’s Cooking School (now the Institute of Culinary Education), began her pastry career as a gluten-free baker in her hometown of Bayport, New York, but made a switch over to include regular pastries and breads in this newest bakery venture that opened in 2017.

While she still has a few gluten-free options, many of her desserts, cookies, breads, etc., are not made with dietary restrictions in mind (but can be if needed). As with any patisserie worth its weight in butter, the proof is in the simpler things; croissants, pain au chocolat, madeleines, macarons and fruit tarts.

Michelle’s classic French pastry techniques are evident in everything – but flavors are bold and fresh. Standouts include a ham and cheese croissant, smoked turkey tartine, canelé de Bordeaux and macarons in a variety of fun flavors like Crème Brulee and Pistachio. Mademoiselle also does custom cakes and petit fours in many flavor options. All of Michelle’s items are organic and natural, and she sources local products whenever possible.

Mademoiselle may outgrow its tiny locale due to popularity and growth. But starting small, and using that as an advantage to foster smart business growth, was the right way to start what promises to be a small successful business with big potential.

Prices range from $2.75 per muffin or $3.00 per baguette to $16.00 per half dozen macarons.

Tips for a successful small (pastry) business:

  • Start small- think big. Know where your financial limits are, stick to them.
  • Find a growing town to launch. Many up and coming towns offer financial incentives for businesses start-ups.
  • Have a succinct idea (i.e., French Pastry, Italian Desserts, Breads, Sit Down Café). Then stick to that theme to start.
  • Keep it simple. A smaller menu that focuses on the items that are executed well is best.
  • Showcase quality. A window facing production area shows customers items being made fresh daily and attracts a crowd.

Mademoiselle Patisserie
61 North Ocean Avenue
Patchogue, New York 11772

Kelly Miller
Kelly Miller is a former pastry chef and beverage sales and marketing professional who has built her foodservice career with companies such as Nestle Waters, Four Seasons Hotels and Sodexo. She is a graduate of Peter Kump’s (Institute of Culinary Education) pastry and baking program and has a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from St. Joseph’s College of New York.  When she is not working on her M.B.A., Kelly spends her free time exploring restaurants and bake shops throughout the country in search of the next best bite, and doing recipe research using goodies from her garden.