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MADE Atlantic City Chocolate Bar in Atlantic City, New Jersey

(This article appeared in the Spring 2020 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Mark and Deb Pellegrino, Owners

Company Mission

To create quality chocolate from our passion and love for each other for everyone to experience. When you put love into what you do, how can you not have an excellent product? Everyone tells us what a great vibe our shop has. We designed everything ourselves, and it all tells a story.

Signature Product

We have become known for quite a few things, such as our chocolate infused cocktails, which we make from our roasted cacao beans in addition to our chocolate. Also, our 65% Sea Salt and 75% Orange and Chili Lime bars have become our most popular. Mark takes fresh oranges and limes, zests them, and cooks the peel in simple syrup. He dries out in the oven and hand-grinds them with a mortar and pestle. This is what makes our orange bar taste so fresh and gives our chili lime bar a great burst of flavor.

Secret of Success

We love what we do and we love being together. We just celebrated 22 years of marriage; we literally fell in love at first sight. We are side by side 24/7. We have something really special, and we appreciate what we have. Just like the shop we created and all the great chocolate items we make.

Shop’s Best Feature

That we are inspired to do whatever we want. Being a chef gives you the fundamentals of using techniques to create unique things, flavors and foods that you want others to enjoy and experience, and it’s just awesome.

Visit www.madeacchocolate.com for more info.

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