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Botolino Gelato Artigianale in Dallas, TX

Carlo Gattini, Owner

Company Mission

To offer Dallas the best gelato that we can make and hopefully the best gelato that can be made.  All made from scratch with the best, natural ingredients of course.

Signature Products

I believe that we are known for the quality of our products, our pride in production and our rotating flavors, a number of which have a local (if not Mexican) influence.

Production Tip

We always try to find the best and latest machines to aid us in production.  Gelato is a machine dependent product and the latest and greatest assure quality, speed and consistency.  A single, skilled and well-equipped worker can produce a surprising amount of artisanal gelato.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

As mentioned above, the best gelato machines from Italy are fundamental for our operations, we only use Carpigiani machines, and these include pasteurizers and batch freezers.  We are also very excited about our recent order of a machine called Roboqbo, also from Italy, which will aid us in the production of our cakes (semifreddo), but also much, much more.

Secret of Success

 Our making the best artisanal gelato we can, our continued drive to improve and our proper “packaging” of the brand; everything from store design, name, logo and marketing message.

Future Goals

We will soon begin the build out of our second, much larger laboratory for the production of our cakes, but also sorbettos and vegan gelato, as well as chocolate bonbons. We should soon sign the lease for our third location.

For more info, visit www.botolino.com

(This article appeared in the Spring 2023 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)



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