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Pure Boutique in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ekaterina Chugunova
Owner & Founder

Maria Sharangovich & Ljubov van Beek

When our clients try our desserts, they are surprised that all our pastries are vegan and free from white processed sugar and gluten. We do not position Pure Boutique as vegan-only, because we believe that everyone deserves to indulge in delicious, high-quality desserts, regardless of their dietary choices or restrictions. In fact, 80 percent of our clients are non-vegans and all of them are amazed with the quality of our products. Our commitment to quality begins with our ingredients. We carefully select only the best ingredients from local and trusted, highly recommended companies. A signature of Pure Boutique is that all our preparations are made from scratch: from our own gluten free mixes for each product to our own baking powder. We do not rely on any store-bought plant-based alternatives, such as vegan cream or vegan butter substitutes. Instead, we work with each and every ingredient, using the science behind it to obtain the flavor and the texture we aim for, without replicating animal-based products. Our mission is to provide delicious, high quality and sustainable products that anyone can enjoy, whether they’re health-conscious, ethical, or simply love a good dessert.

Signature Products

We have two standout products that make us unique. Our plant-based macarons are widely regarded as the best in Bali (some even say they’re the best they’ve ever had!). Our selection of visually stunning macarons is not only high-quality, but also bursting with flavor and texture. Each macaron features a thin, crispy shell and a soft, slightly chewy interior that’s sure to delight your taste buds. Additionally, we have a broad selection of waffles which are fully plant-based and free from gluten. Waffles come in sweet (chocolate, caramel, mixed berries) and savory (hummus, pesto and mushrooms) options to satisfy any craving.

Production Tip

At Pure Boutique, we make all of our preparations from scratch, which saves us money on custom-made mixes and semi-finished products. By optimizing our recipes, we’re able to use our house-made mixes in all of our products and avoid relying on store-bought plant-based alternatives. This allows us to create high-quality desserts that are both cost-effective and delicious.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

Our secret weapon in the kitchen? Perforated tartlet rings! We use them instead of silicone molds for almost every preparation: caramelized apples,  brisée dough, mousses, inserts, sponges – we even assemble our desserts in them.  We keep plenty of them in our store, and they’re essential to all of our preparations – we cannot imagine life without them.

Secret of Success

Authenticity and passion. Pure is not only about high-quality desserts. It is also about pure ingredients, pure flavor and the  pure texture of each of our products. We know exactly what goes into every dessert we make and why. Most importantly,  we love what we do,from creating and experimenting with flavors to offering the best solutions for each client. Pure isn’t just a pastry boutique – it’s a lifestyle. Our clients feel the authenticity of our creations and keep coming back for more. At the heart of it all, our best ingredient is love.

Future Goals

After successfully opening our second pastry boutique in Parq Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, with co-founder Maria Sharangovich, we are currently exploring possible locations in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Together with our partner Ljubov van Beek (co-founder Pure Boutique Amsterdam, owner and founder Vegan Patisserie van Beek), we aim to open our doors in Amsterdam this year. This collaboration outside of Indonesia is our new project and we are very excited about it! Our ultimate goal would be to have Pure Boutique in every city in Europe, for a start.

Photos by Serhiy Hipsky

For more info, visit https://linktr.ee/pure_boutique_bali

(This article appeared in the Fall 2023 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

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