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Fluff Bake Bar in Houston, TX

(This article appeared in the Spring 2022 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Rebecca Masson, OwnerRebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar

Company Mission

Fluff Bake Bar strives to create and produce delicious handmade baked goods, bringing sweet memories and nostalgia to our customers.  By using premium ingredients and combining them with French techniques, we are elevating your classic American pastries.

Signature Products

The Couch Potato Cookie and Veruca Salt Cake our signature items. The Couch Potato Cookie is a salty-sweet, chewy cookie with potato chips, pretzels, cornflakes, marshmallows and milk chocolate chips. The Veruca Salt Cake is made with layers of salted caramel buttercream, devil’s food cake and pretzel crunch.  Our customers love the salty and sweet component of our treats.

Production Tip

Washing the mixing bowl between batches of cookie doughs had become something of a chore and we were losing time by stopping each batch. I remembered when I was taught to spin ice cream, I was told to go lightest to darkest on flavors, with a light cleaning in between. I started doing that on the cookie doughs, with washing the paddle in between batches, and saved a significant amount of time on those days where we had to make many batches.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

Our most-used pieces of equipment are the 20-qt mixer and the dough sheeter. The mixer is just the right size for our usual batches of cakes and cookies, and not so big that more than one person is needed to lift or move the bowl. We can speed through batches of cookies using the above process of going lightest to darkest on doughs. The dough sheeter is our friend, whether it’s making pie dough, cookie dough or laminated doughs, we can move faster with her (I call her Sade), specially during the holidays, when we have hundreds of pies to create.  I can start rolling out pie shells in advance.

Secret of Success

We take a creative approach to our sweets, combining ingredients that are common with the uncommon. I really feel like the baked goods are super-approachable and not fussy. They are familiar with a twist. I have always thought that the customer would think, ‘I could make that, but it’s so much better at Fluff.’

Future Goals

We recently added ice cream to our repertoire.  I purchased my dream machine and installed a dipping cabinet. Once summer hits, we will add ice cream pops for the humans and the puppies. It’s exciting to take what we do in baked goods and turn them into ice cream. The pints have been very popular even when it’s cold outside (well, cold for Houston, that is).

Visit www.fluffbakebar.com for more info

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