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Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie in Dallas, TX

Andrea Meyer
Owner & Executive Pastry Chef

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide delicious and beautifully executed pastries, handcrafted with care from the finest ingredients. We offer a large variety of traditional and innovative pastries in an authentic French atmosphere. We consistently share our passion for pastry with our retail and wholesale customers.

Signature Products

We’re most known for our laminated dough-based products like croissants, ham & cheese croissants and the ever-classic almond croissants. In addition, we sell at least 12 different flavors of French macarons daily, and they’re what we’re probably most known for in our area.  

Production Tip

We build all of our custom cakes in pastry rings lined with acetate, which we’ve done since the beginning to ensure consistency.  We’ve recently discovered we can do the same process without using acetate, which has saved a lot of time, waste and cost of the material.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

Our two biggest must-haves are our macaron depositor (her name is Josephine) and our sheeter to make our laminated doughs. It’s not that we can’t do the processes without them, but the level of efficiency and consistency they provide is essential. We’re big on being consistent.

Secret of Success

We offered something truly unique in our marketplace when we opened, so we were embraced pretty well from the start. People began to taste the difference when pastries were made with quality ingredients with attention to the taste, texture and sometimes, most importantly, how we balance the level of sweetness. As new players have entered the market in our area, we continue to do what we do, try to do it the best we can, and try to be better than we were yesterday. We resist the urge to compare ourselves to others.  

Future Goals

Our brand is really strong, so we know expansion makes the most sense for the future. We get requests on a weekly basis to open shops in other areas around town, so that’s something we’d really love to focus on. Additionally, we have fun with creating new products of our own, or making our own versions of the trendy ones, like the round croissant “supremes” that are very popular now. We’ve been working on our version for five months, and we’re finally happy with it, enough to share it with our customers.  We wanted it to be the best, and it will be!

Photos by Chelsea Conway

For more info, visit https://bisous-bisous.com/

(This article appeared in the Fall 2023 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

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