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Cynthia Samanian: How to Begin Teaching Pastry & Baking Online

Cynthia Samanian is the founder of Culinary Creator Business School, an online business education company dedicated to the culinary industry. Her students learn how to create, sell and teach virtual cooking classes, corporate events and recorded courses that help them unlock more freedom and flexibility. Cynthia hosts the 5-star rated Culinary Creator Business School podcast. She’s appeared as a guest on top industry podcasts and conferences including Eat Capture Share, Food Biz Wiz, the Food Blogger Summit and the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). Growing up as a first-generation American in a Persian family, Cynthia is no stranger to the power of food to unite people across cultures. Cynthia is a graduate of Harvard Business School and currently lives in sunny Oakland, California with her husband and two young daughters. Learn about the free training for pastry and baking pros at www.teachpastryonline.com.

In this episode:

  • How Cynthia got started with her business school
  • The market opportunity for online classes, courses and events
  • The primary benefits of teaching online
  • How to achieve financial flexibility, time freedom and impact online
  • The 4 proven ways to make money teaching online
  • How to get started with teaching your very first online class
  • And much more!

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