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Tips for Perfect Caramel Apples

If you are going into withdrawal because state and county fairs did not happen this year and you are craving those iconic caramel apples, you can easily make them at home, following a few simple steps.

Use unwaxed apples

Otherwise, the caramel will just slide right off into a pool underneath the apples.

Use granulated sugar instead of brown

Because brown sugar contains molasses, which is partially inverted with the addition of an acid, it has properties that prevent it from sticking to the apples as well as granulated sugar.

Temperatures do matter

Let the caramel cool to about 200 degrees F. before dipping.

Just as the temperature of the caramel is important, the temperature of the apples can affect the final product as well. Make sure they are not ice cold before getting bathed in the caramel.  The drastic temperature drop will cause the caramel to seize.

Jill Meredith
Jill Meredith
Jill Meredith is a pastry chef, food writer and culinary instructor. She is passionate about all things sweet and loves sharing that passion and knowledge with others. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, daughter and 3 cats.