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Leviathan Bakehouse in Indianapolis, IN

(This article appeared in the Fall 2020 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Jesse Blythe, Sam Blythe, Jessica Kartawich, Pete Schmutte, Matt Steinbronn, Owners

Company Mission

Our goal is to cause a ruckus. We are here as a sanctuary for those who aim to subvert the dominant paradigm, and to feed the spirit of those who demand to not be ignored. Oh… and baked goods. We make some killer bread and pastries.

Signature Product

Our porridge boule that is blended with a mix of sesame seeds, oats, polenta, bran, and cracked rye from local mills, plus a touch of molasses to bring in the perfect amount of sweetness and depth. All of our viennoiserie has become a feature as well, as has our classic jambon beurre made with local ham, butter, and served on our baguette.

Secret of Success

Without a doubt, our success lives and dies with our team. From ownership to hourly, everyone contributes a unique blend of skillsets and expertise that allow us the trust and freedom to take chances.

Shop’s Best Feature

Our clean yet cozy interior that is presided over by a giant Leviathan mural painted by artist CS Stanley.

Visit www.leviathanbakehouse.com for more info

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