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Keystone Pantry Brand Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Substitute Released

Langs Chocolates, LLC has released its sugar-free Brown Sugar Substitute. Marketed under the Keystone Pantry brand, this brown sugar substitute is made with erythritol and natural flavorings. Keystone Pantry sugar-free brown sugar substitute is unlike many other competitors that combine molasses or fake caramel colorings to make their “so called sugar-free” substitutes. Keystone Pantry Sugar-free Brown Sugar Substitute is used 1 for 1 in any recipe calling for brown sugar. Because it is erythritol based Keystone Pantry Sugar-Free Substitute won’t be every cooks go to ingredient, that is ok because it fills a niche of using an all-natural product to be used in low sugar/sugar free cooking and baking. Keystone Pantry Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Substitute is a tool in every baker/cooks sweetener toolbox.

William Lang said “This product is part of our effort to offer sweetener substitutes that all people interested in reducing sugar intake can take advantage of.  Over the years we have had many requests for sugar-free brown sugar. We made it for those folks.” Typical recipes where it can be used are BBQ sauces, chocolate chip cookies, beverages, and anywhere brown sugar is used.

Keystone Pantry sugar-free brown sugar substitute is available in 2-pound resealable bags and for professional use bulk 20-pound boxes with a plastic liner. It is certified Kosher Parve (Kof-K), gluten-free, and vegan.

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