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Valrhona’s L’Ecole Brooklyn Unveils Exciting 2024 Classes and New Guest Chefs

Develop your chocolate and pastry creativity and expertise with the new hands-on classes taught by renowned chefs at l’Ecole Valrhona Brooklyn!

Nestled in the pulsating heart of Dumbo, just moments away from the iconic lower Manhattan skyline, Valrhona Chocolate and Pastry school in Brooklyn invites professional Chefs to indulge in an extraordinary journey of culinary excellence. L’Ecole Valrhona is more than just a culinary school; it’s a dynamic hub where chefs gather to participate in immersive and hands-on classes led by some of the most distinguished pastry chefs.

Valrhona is excited to share another exciting line-up of teaching chefs in 2024, many of these culinary professionals hail from the culinary capital itself – France, bringing with them a wealth of experience and a culinary French touch. See the full program here  

Through Valrhona’s immersive and hands-on classes, spanning two to three days of intensive learning, chefs will delve into every facet of their craft. Discover seasonal desserts with Chef Sarah Tibbetts, Afternoon Tea and Fika with Chef Luke Frost, Artistic Chocolate Showpieces with Stéphane Tréand and many more classes to suit your needs.  

Join l’Ecole Valrhona Brooklyn, where culinary mastery takes center stage, and every moment is an opportunity to savor the art of chocolate and pastry in its purest form.   

New this year! 

Discover how to make chocolate bonbons and confectionery using One Shot Technology with Valrhona’s One Shot expert Chef Romain Grzelczyck and Chef Luke Frost.  

Learn Pastry in Spanish! Chef David Briand, MOF and Chef Mario Bacherini will share their expertise on how to create modern and unique creations in Pastry New Style! 

Explore the world of Alternative desserts, from dairy-free to gluten free recipes that adapt to current dietary trends without sacrificing taste. Valrhona chefs Sandra Ornelas (Spain) and Sarah Tibbetts (USA) will teach you to create desserts that are both innovative and in line with consumer trends to meet the needs of your customers. 

We’re excited to introduce 4 Guest chefs teaching at L’Ecole Valrhona Brooklyn for the first time!  

Edan Leshnick, Executive Pastry Chef & Baker at Breads Bakery. Chef Leshnick will teach Adaptive Viennoiserie, covering modern techniques and ingredients to create unique flavors and textures.  

Angela Borah, Head Chocolatier at Kreuther Hand-Crafted Chocolates. Her class, Contemporary Chocolate Techniques, will go over moethods on creating enrobed, molded bonbons and bars according to her experience producing in a two-Michelin starred restaurant.  

Jonathan Pereira, Executive Pastry Chef at Mandarin Oriental New York City. Chef Pereira will teach you the fundamentals of Viennoiserie and how to implement home-made viennoiserie in bigger operations.  

Luis Robledo, Pastry Chef/Owner, Tout Chocolat (República del Cacao). Chef Robledo will take you on a journey to explore the diverse flavors of Mexico and Latin America using República del Cacao chocolate, through creating pastries, confections and chocolate bonbons.  

More about Valrhona Inc.  

 Since its inception in 1922, Valrhona has been the trusted companion of pastry professionals, shaping the very essence of chocolate innovation. As a trailblazer in the world of chocolate, Valrhona not only envisions the quintessence of chocolate perfection but also works to bring this vision to life. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the brand continuously pushes creative boundaries and cultivating a dynamic aromatic palette.   

Emerging from humble beginnings as a small chocolate artisan in the picturesque French village of Tain l’Hermitage, Valrhona meticulously oversees every nuance of its chocolate production. Across more than 30 terroirs and 20 origins, the brand pioneers sustainable sourcing, embodying a deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship. Collaborating with its dedicated team, visionary chefs, and cacao producers, Valrhona strives not only to create a just and sustainable cocoa sector but also to initiate a culinary renaissance. The pursuit of cutting-edge pastries is a shared passion, manifested through the establishment of direct and enduring relationships with producers, the relentless search for chocolate innovations, and the sharing of expertise, breathing vitality into Valrhona’s daily missions. Valrhona stands as a strong ally to chefs, elevating their craft by imparting the artisanal wisdom of L’École Valrhona pastry chefs.   

Actively pushing the limits of creativity, the brand empowers chefs to discover and embrace their individual style and voice within the vibrant tapestry of the culinary industry. A crowning achievement in 2020, Valrhona earned the prestigious B Corporation® certification, a testament to its unwavering dedication. This award distinguishes Valrhona among the world’s most committed companies, where social and environmental impact are considered equal to economic performance. In this accolade, Valrhona not only celebrates its past but also announces a future where chocolate excellence aligns harmoniously with a conscientious global impact.  

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