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Duverger French Macarons Go Organic

Duverger, an Authentic French Macaron Company, Launches a Unique Line of Certified USDA Organic French Macarons

Duverger announces that 12 favorite flavors of their French macarons are officially certified USDA Organic. The company also continues to hold the gluten-free certification for their entire line of distinctive macarons.

Launched by French Chef Claire Duverger-Becker and her husband Bernard Becker in 2010, the Duverger Macarons were among the very first all-natural and gluten-free certified macarons offered to the American market. Today, Duverger takes a step further with its USDA Organic Certification and confirms its position as the leader in the natural market with handmade macarons that are confected with 100% natural raw ingredients – without a single trace of artificial flavoring or coloring.

The creators of Duverger believe in nature, people, and unprocessed ingredients. Eight years of research, dedication, and hard work have helped Duverger achieve high respect amongst pastry connoisseurs and wellness enthusiasts alike. Founder and Chef Claire Duverger-Becker says, “As a mother to four, I am aware of the importance of having a healthy diet and serving my children whole ingredient foods that are free of dyes and artificial ingredients. I also believe that the best confections start with the finest unprocessed ingredients. This is why at Duverger we pride ourselves in baking with only fresh, raw ingredients – using only fruits and vegetables to create our attractive array of colorful and flavorful confections.”

Chef Claire Duverger-Becker, an accomplished baker as well as artist, designs her macarons as works of art. Her French heritage, as well as her many world, travels influence her fresh and elegant approach to the art of baking. A Duverger Macaron enchants the eye and tempts the tongue. Popular flavors include: Pistachio, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Lemon, Raspberry, and Salted Caramel. Unique flavors include Birthday Cake, Rose, Red Velvet, Earl Grey Tea and Blueberry Lavender.

Duverger products taste differently because they are made differently. Duverger Macarons can be purchased at boutique bakeries across North America and in the freezer or grocery aisle of major stores including Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, WholeFoods (Rocky Mountains), Tous les Jours Bakery, and Lucky’s Market.

Duverger – all good things are in nature.
Now USDA Organic and Gluten-Free

About Duverger Macarons

Duverger carefully confects its macarons in the purest French tradition, exclusively with freshly-sourced organic ingredients – no preservatives, no artificial colorings, no compounds. The macarons are available in a wide range of flavors and are available in 12-pack variety or 3-pack grab and go.


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