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Adamance: A new range of Fresh Fruit Purees, now available in North America

Adamance, a range of fruit purées full of good common sense is conquering the American market.

Adamance is a French fruit puree manufacturer founded in 2019 by Valrhona chefs, creators, and employees. Together, they took a deep dive into the world of fruits and discovered various flavors, skills, and passionate staff. Yet they have also seen practices that are harmful to the environment, supply chains that are not always open and honest, a race for quantity over quality, flavor falling by the wayside. This is why they have decided to act sustainably to protect fruits’ future and flavor and the future of the people who work with them.

They have created Adamance, a new range of frozen fruit purées with no added sugar or other additives, for conscious chefs.  

Adamance respects four strong commitments:

-More respect for people and nature

Adamance collaborates with their partner farmers and make sure they are working in good conditions. They collaborate with them to implement carefully considered practices as part of an agroecological approach. Because of this, their lemons, apricots, peaches, coconuts and pears are guaranteed to have no pesticide residue.

-More traceability

Adamance shares everything about the fruits they use, so Chefs can tell their stories to their customers. For example, an apricot is not just an apricot for them. It’s a Lido apricot, grown by Mr. Boisset on a High Environmental Value farm in Châteauneuf-sur-Isère.

-More fruit

For 100% fruit purées
Adamance wants their purées to be just as delicious as a nice, ripe piece of fruit. For instance, they have chosen to use PGI Sycracuse lemons, which are only harvested from November to March. These “Primo Fiore” lemons are sure to have the strongest flavors. And to keep the taste and color of the fruit they use, with zero additives in their purées, they use a unique technical process, which is performed quickly at low temperatures, without oxygen.

-More services

Every day, Adamance works to reinvent how fruit is used and to enhance its taste in gastronomy (in cooking, ice cream-making, pastry-making, chocolate-making and mixology, among others). Their main goal is that Chefs feel proud and happy to use their fruit products and talk about them to their customers. They have developed over their 150 recipes available on adamance.com

Adamance now offers a range of 11 frozen fruit purees in North America:

Femminello lemon purée – Italy: The closest lemon purée to fresh lemon
Lemons have juice, sure, but pulp as well, so why miss out on it? Lemon purée still has the lemon cells to preserve all the freshness of a juiced Femminello with its floral and acidic notes.

Persian lime purée – Mexico: Powerful and floral
An intense fragrance with a slight bitterness that reveals all the richness of the Persian lime. 

Clery Strawberry Puree – France: Tangy, woody
Clery strawberries have a characteristic acidity, a woody taste, and an intense red color that can all be found in the final fruit puree.

Meeker raspberry purée – Serbia: Powerful, strong-flavored
Raspberry purée made from only one variety allows the Meeker’s acid to hit first, followed by its trademark powerful aromas.

Blackdown & Andorine blackcurrant purée – France: Intense, woody
The two varieties chosen for our blackcurrant purée gives an intense, acidic hit to start, followed by lingering fresh, woody notes.

Wild blueberry puree – Estonia: Delicate, subtle
A rich texture and subtle acidity with the sweet and delicate aromas of wild blueberries.

Green Williams pear purée – France: Sweet, textured
We chose the Green Williams for its ability to retain its whole range of aromas, even when puréed. This means it has a delicious, sweet flavor profile, with this summer pear’s characteristic texture.

Montrouge & Patty® white peach purée – France: Fresh, floral
Peaches have subtle, fragile aromas. Our team has managed to preserve their delicate profile, in which floral and acidic notes combine to produce a unique freshness

Kesar & Alphonso mango purée – India:  Spicy, fully-flavored
Blending two varieties gives a silky texture, with delicious, rounded notes from the Alphonso and complexity from the spiced flavor profile of the Kesar.

Passion fruit purée – Dominica Republic: Acidic, intense
Using Dominican Republic passion fruit gives us a less common taste, with a flavor profile featuring intense, powerful notes of yellow fruits, which is balanced in sweetness and acidity.

Coconut cream – Sri Lanka: Creamy, delicious
Sri Lankan coconut cream offers warm, almost roasted notes, carried by a creamy, delicate texture.

More information on https://www.valrhona.us/partner-brands/adamance

Contact cs @valrhona-selection.com to ask for complementary information or for a local distributor near you.

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