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I Love Whole Grains Internet Photo Contest

The results of the I Love Whole Grains internet photo contest are in. The jury chose the winning submissions from a pool of over 1000 photos of breads, rolls and other baked goods.

Entrants were required to photograph bread made with whole grain flour or with a minimum of 30% whole meal flour. Though the contest was primarily for home bakers, artisans and professionals could also take part.

As contest creator Piotr Polomski pointed out, “Professional bakers may have more experience and access to professional baking equipment, but home bakers usually have more time for creating a stunning arrangement of the photo.”

The contest was sponsored by Mistrz Branzy (http://mistrzbranzy.pl/), a Polish baking magazine, and supported and promoted by about 30 Facebook bakery groups from around the world.

Volunteers translated the rules of the competition into several languages so that the competition could be truly global. Richard Miscovich, Associate Professor at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island, served as head judge for the top three prizes.

Here are the winners:

First Place went to Bread++ Sprouted Sourdough Bakery in Oakland California for their photo of 100% Whole Rye Bread with sunflower and flax seeds.

Second Place went to Sucré Et Salé from the Czech Republic for their photo of Rye Bread with cocoa, hazelnuts, anise and figs.

Third Place was awarded to Giovanna Rey from Italy for their photo of Semolina with Whole Wheat Flour, made with a liquid levain.

To see all the winners of the contest, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/ILoveWholeGrain/.

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