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Personalized Desserts with Chocolate Transfer Sheets

(This article appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

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By Eunice Escobedo

Lemon Tart made by Pastry Chef Nick Forte using Chef Rubber Lemon Transfer Sheet.

As in any industry, trends in the chocolate world come and go. Whether you choose to jump on them or not, I think we can agree that some are worth trying. One such trend – and one that we think is here to stay – is personalization.

What is personalization? In short, it is being able to provide a tailored experience or communication based on the information that we know. In the pastry and chocolate world, this can be done by personalized branding and providing customization options to customers.

Go into a bakery and you will find staples such as cookies, cake, croissants, etc. On the other hand, if you enter a chocolate shop, the chocolate bars may be what is most familiar to people. Just because these popular treats can be found in different locations, however, it does not mean they are all the same. From the way these items are presented to the way they taste, it’s a unique experience. This is where your opportunity to be different comes in!

How Nick Forte wraps his Lemon Tart:

Add white colored cocoa butter to the white chocolate – this will give it a brighter pop and subdue some of the yellow notes in the white chocolate.

Let’s say your most popular product is a chocolate bar or bark, or a pastry. Adding a chocolate piece with your company name on it is a way to brand and promote your business. Not only will people be able to recognize your éclair and cheesecake and differentiate it from other similar items, they will also think of your name when they think of that specific item. In this day and age, sharing photos on social media is the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth. Adding simple changes like these encourages the consumer to share an image or video.

Once the chocolate has been spread, shape the transfer sheet to your liking, then wrap it around the Lemon Tart.

Transfer sheets, commonly used with chocolate, are an easy way to make this possible. Made with the highest quality colored cocoa butter, these designs are crafted on plastic sheets (a.k.a. guitar sheets). If you’re not familiar with transfer sheets, they need a source of heat to transfer the design. While they work with chocolate, these designs will also work with gummies, caramels, cookies and even sugar.

The versatility  of transfer sheets allows you to take an existing item and give it a holiday makeover. Products like chocolate transfer sheets work as a finishing detail that allow you to easily create a whole new look while keeping it cost effective.

Offering customized products for any occasion becomes a breeze with transfer sheets. From birthday celebrations to weddings to corporate events, the possibilities are endless. Chef Rubber offers a variety of colors and hundreds of designs to choose from. One of the newest additions to the line is the availability of using natural transfer sheets free of TiO2 in the color, making them available for everyone to use.

Chocolate bars by Luis Amado.

This is an efficient alternative to marketing and branding viability, offering value-added, client-centered solutions for customer synergy. If you happen to need help making customized chocolate décor pieces, Chef Rubber also offers ready-made plaquettes in a variety of shapes and sizes, customized with your logo, image, or message for any occasion. So, whether you decide to make them yourselves or buy them already made, they will be a unique and great solution to personalizing your desserts.

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