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Petite Pistache by Sarah Tibbetts

Yield: 60 portions

Pistachio Financier

(use 25 g per cake)

  • 162 g almond flour
  • 485 g confectioners’ sugar
  • 40 g invert sugar
  • 404 g egg whites
  • 97 g Valrhona 42% PISTACHIO PRALINÉ
  • 162 g all-purpose flour
  • 1 g baking powder
  • 242 g brown butter (start with 350 g)
  1. Combine the first three ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer and blend with the paddle attachment.
  2. Slowly add the egg whites until fully incorporated.
  3. Add the flour mixed with the baking powder and then the cooled brown butter.
  4. Place in a pastry bag and chill until ready to use.

Pistachio Praliné Crémeux

(use 12 g per mold)

  1. Bloom the gelatin in the water.
  2. Heat the milk and add the bloomed gelatin.
  3. Heat the 42% PISTACHIO PRALINÉ in a microwave-safe bowl. Slowly pour the hot liquid over the praline to create an emulsion. Blend with an immersion blender and immediately pipe into molds (Silikomart SF172), filling half full, while the crémeux is warm. Blast freeze.

Matcha Waina Glaze

(use 40 g per cake)

  • 2000 g Valrhona WAINA 35% CHOCOLATE
  • 400 g grape seed oil
  • 10 g matcha powder
  1. Melt the WAINA 35% chocolate and add the grape seed oil.
  2. Add the matcha and blend with an immersion blender until incorporated.
  3. Use glaze around 32°C (90°F).

Meyer Lemon Milk Jam

(use 4 g per cake)

  • 665 g whole milk
  • 165 g granulated sugar
  • 1 g salt
  • 1 g Meyer lemon zest
  1. Combine all the ingredients except the lemon zest in a saucepan and cook on medium-high heat until thickened (about 1 hour).
  2. Remove from the heat and strain.
  3. Add the lemon zest and immersion blend until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to use.


  • Toasted pistachio pieces
  • Meyer lemon zest
  1. Pipe the Pistachio Financier batter into the molds (Silikomart SF164) and bake at 190°C (375°F) until light golden brown (home oven 17 minutes).
  2. Cool and unmold; trim the top to create a flat surface. Invert the cake and, using a ¼ teaspoon measuring spoon, scoop out the center. Fill with the Meyer Lemon Milk Jam.
  3. Unmold the frozen Pistachio Praliné Crémeux and place on top of the Pistachio Financier to cover the Meyer Lemon Milk Jam. Place on a glazing rack and return to the freezer until firm.
  4. Glaze frozen cakes with Matcha Waina Glaze, sprinkling with toasted pistachio pieces before the glaze completely sets.
  5. Sprinkle with Meyer lemon zest before serving. Store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

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