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Caramel Early Grey Marshmallows

(This recipe appeared in the Winter 2020 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

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Yield: 55 servings

Early Grey Marshmallow

  • 250 g Zürimix Marshmallow Mix (#504156)
  • 217 g Earl Grey tea, brewed
  1. In a saucepan, bring the brewed Earl Grey Tea to a boil.
  2. In a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, whip the marshmallow mix together with the boiling tea. Whip the mixture on low speed for 2 minutes, then increase the speed to high and continue to whip for 8 to 10 minutes.

Vanilla Caramel

  • 160 g heavy cream
  • 100 g light corn syrup
  • 24 g dark brown sugar
  • 1 g Original Bourbon Vanilla Beans, Planifolia (Madagascar) Grade A, Long (#596101)
  • 57 g granulated sugar
  • 2 g salt
  1. In a saucepot, combine heavy cream, light corn syrup, dark brown sugar, and vanilla and bring to a boil. Set aside.
  2. Make a dry caramel with the granulated sugar and the salt. Deglaze with the heavy cream mixture. Continue to cook the sugar until it reaches 238˚F/ 114˚C. Allow to cool before using.


  • HUG Mini Sweet Tartlet Round 1.5in/ 4cm (#009083), as needed
  • Felchlin Milk Ultra Glaze (#750149), as needed
  • Pastry Ideale Gold Metallic Pump (#586115)
  1. Fill the tarts with the Vanilla Caramel. Pipe the Earl Grey Marshmallow on top and allow to set.
  2. Melt the Felchlin Milk Ultra Glaze and dip the marshmallow to coat completely. Allow the glaze to set and finish with a few pumps of gold.
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