Valrhona Signature Officially Launches


Valrhona recently launched an exciting new range of premium chocolate and pastry decorations called Valrhona Signature. This line of transfer sheets, 3D sheets, and chocolate decorations is made exclusively with Valrhona’s Grand Cru chocolates including Guanaja 70% dark, Jivara 40% milk and Opalys 33% white chocolate.

As part of their commitment to bring the chefs the highest quality products, the Valrhona Signature line is made using 100% pure cocoa butter, is completely AZO-free, and available with many natural, non-synthetic colorants. The transfer sheets will add a chic pop of color and design to desserts or bonbons, while the 3D sheets can offer an extra level of texture to any creation. To explore Valrhona’s range of molds, tools and accessories, visit