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Valrhona Launches New Range of Premium Decorations: VALRHONA SIGNATURE

Brooklyn, NY – August 2, 2018 – As a true partner to Chefs, Valrhona, the leading chocolate brand chosen by top chefs and chocolatiers launches an exciting new range of Chocolate and Pastry Decorations in North America: VALRHONA SIGNATURE.

Valrhona is highly committed to passing on its expertise to chefs and enhancing the world of pastry. Because Valrhona is constantly seeking new ways to meet its customers needs, they are now offering a range of decor developed exclusively with Valrhona’s design, values, and chocolate and pastry expertise to add a luxurious touch to its customers creations.

Starting September 2018, VALRHONA SIGNATURE will offer a new, exciting range of premium decorations fulfilling chef’s pressing needs of using modern and elegant décor that actually tastes good!

Their modern range of transfer sheets, 3D sheets, and chocolate decorations will help make Valrhona’s customers
creations distinctly unique and their desserts stand out.

VALRHONA SIGNATUREs range of chocolate decorations are made using Valrhona’s exceptional Grand Cru Chocolates including GUANAJA 70% dark, JIVARA 40% milk, and OPALYS 33% white chocolate.

As part of their commitment to bring the chefs the highest quality products, the VALRHONA SIGNATURE Range is made using 100% pure cocoa butter, is completely AZO-free, and available with many natural, non-synthetic (not created using chemical reactions) colorants.

VALRHONA SIGNATURE transfer sheets will add a chic pop of color to any desserts or chocolate bonbons while their 3D sheets will offer an extra level of texture to any creation.

To explore Valrhona’s range of molds, tools and accessories, visit https://us.valrhona.com/

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