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Valrhona Launches Its Third INSPIRATION Couverture: STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION

Brooklyn, NY – August 20, 2018 – Valrhona, the leading French chocolate manufacturer for top pastry chefs throughout the world, announced the launch of a new flavor in its extremely successful INSPIRATION range.

The long-awaited STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION (already available in Europe), will add to the vibrant offerings of PASSION FRUIT and ALMOND and will keep on opening up new possibilities for pastry chefs and chocolatiers.

PASSION FRUIT and ALMOND INSPIRATION, which launched earlier this year, have taken the US by storm. Per Se, Jean-George NYC, SLS South Beach, Gramercy Tavern, Acquarello, Jungsik, and Four Seasons Bahamas to name a few, all have proudly shared on Social Media innovative creations made using these two couvertures.

In this innovative couverture, freeze-dried strawberry powder gives STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION the highly concentrated, vibrant flavor and color that shines through in every application.

The water contained in fruits and nuts used to prevent chefs from achieving satisfying, intense flavors in countless
applications such as mousses, ganaches, crèmeux, molded bonbons and more. With STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION,
ALMOND INSPIRATION and PASSION FRUIT INSPIRATION, Valrhona has made fruit and nuts as versatile as chocolate!

Since INSPIRATION, the first ever fruit and nut couvertures, have the benefit of containing no water content, now for the first time ever, molding, coating, more vibrant ganaches, and countless other preparations are possible, offering new tools for chefs to play!

INSPIRATION the same way they work with any other chocolate couverture. Harnessing nearly a century of its
chocolate-making expertise, and after 5 years of research and development, Valrhona developed this advanced
technical feat which combines the unique texture and functionality of chocolate with the intense flavor and color of fruit and nuts.

These innovative new couvertures offer chefs intense, natural flavor and color which shines through in all preparations. Another strong advantage for Chefs is that the range is natural and preservative free in addition to being naturally dairy and gluten free! Comprised of only cocoa butter, a pinch of lecithin, sugar, a touch of glucose and either fruit or nuts, Valrhona INSPIRATION is truly unique and natural.

The first of its kind, ALMOND INSPIRATION features the creamy texture of chocolate with the sweet intensity of pure natural almond. Ground almonds are mixed with cocoa butter, sugar, and lecithin to create a completely unique product with all the freshness of almonds in the form of a chocolate. ALMOND INSPIRATION is made the same way as any other couverture, but with the mass being de-fatted ground
almonds instead of cocoa. It has a natural nutty flavor without the sugary, roasted, or caramelized flavors of pralinés or pastes and allows new applications for nuts: coating, molding and even tablettes and bars (thanks to the presence of cocoa butter in the formula)!

With the development of PASSION FRUIT INSPIRATION, Valrhona’s experts were able to innovatively replace cocoa mass with powdered passion fruit juice, making it possible to use passion fruit like you would a chocolate. PASSION FRUIT INSPIRATION allows chefs to play with the fruit intensity as much as they want and reach an explosion of flavors that wasn’t possible before with fruit purées.

New STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION gets its highly concentrated, vibrant flavor and color thanks to the innovative use of freeze-dried strawberry powder. The unique technique allows for all of the bold strawberry flavor and color to shine through in any application. STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION allows chefs to obtain powerful strawberry flavor in any application they would use chocolate, creating unique, inspired creations no matter the season.

STRAWBERRY, ALMOND and PASSION FRUIT INSPIRATION are available for professional chefs in 3kg bags.
500g Baking Bags can also be purchased by retail customers at https://www.valrhona-chocolate.com.

For more information, please visit: https://us.valrhona.com/

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