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Valrhona Launches New Grand Cru Dark Chocolate from Bali: SAKANTI 68%

Characterized by its quest for excellence, Valrhona has always traveled the world looking for the rarest cocoa varieties. This time, it’s in Bali that its sourcers discovered beans with outstanding aromas to form a unique couverture with sublime flavors.

SAKANTI 68% Single Origin Bali is rounded and lightly acidic, and it reveals gorgeous chocolatey notes with a gentle tanginess. Then set off by hints of fruit, before a subtle bitterness completes the experience. SAKANTI 68% is the first chocolate produced in Bali that is sold worldwide.

Bali is located in the heart of the world’s biggest archipelago, Indonesia, which lies in the Indian Ocean. It is unique among Indonesia’s landscapes for several reasons. Bali is known for its many rice fields, and it enjoys fertile soils and perfect rainfall levels thanks to its chain of mountains.

Balinese cocoa is grown below the rice fields along with other crops such as coconuts. Julien Desmedt, a member of the Valrhona Sourcing Team, traveled to Bali for the first time in December 2013.

He met members of the Kerta Samaya Samaniya (KSS) cooperative by chance in the Jembrana region in the island’s west. KSS’ name translates from Balinese as “drive to co-create prosperity”.
This new cooperative joins together more than 400 cocoa producers and encourages them to grow crops of ever-better quality.

“This Cuvée was born out of our desire to support new organizations such as KSS as they develop ever-greater quality crops, so that we can provide our customers with new origins they will find nowhere else,” says Julien Desmedt, a Valrhona Cocoa Sourcer.

Chef Ghaya Oliveira, Restaurant Daniel’s Executive Pastry Chef who was looking for new Chocolate origins and flavors immediately adopted SAKANTI 68% that she qualifies as “outstanding”. Discover her recipe, “Les Feuilles” here.

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