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Two New Flavors from The Perfect Purée

The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley, a leading U.S. producer of premium frozen fruit purées, zests and blends, has introduced two new flavors to their line: Red Jalapeño and Peach Ginger. Red Jalapeño is a bold and superbly savory combination of mature jalapeños puréed with rice vinegar, while Peach Ginger blend combines the classic flavor of juicy yellow peaches with the distinctive warmth of real ginger and a splash of citrus for dynamic flavor in drinks, desserts and more. With the addition of these two new flavors, The Perfect Purée expands its line to 39 products and broadens its appeal as the foundation of culinary and beverage innovation for chefs, bakers, brewers and bartenders at thousands of establishments nationwide.  Red Jalapeño Puree and Peach Ginger blend are available to foodservice professionals in cases of 30-oz. jars (six jars to a case) via foodservice and produce distributors. Consumers can purchase flavors by the jar at perfectpuree.com. Complimentary sample boxes of The Perfect Purée’s flavors are always available to qualified foodservice professionals at www.perfectpuree.com.

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