Deck the Halls with New Pastry Stuff


Pastry Chef’s Boutique, an excellent online source for cutting-edge pastry ingredients, equipment and recipes, has some great new holiday products available, including the following:

From Cedric Grolet’s new line of silicone molds for Pavoni is the Pavoflex individual entremets hazelnut (noisette) mold. Each mold has eight cavities measuring 54 x 60 mm, and has been designed with small variations that give the finished dessert a handcrafted appeal. This product is also available as a lemon and chestnut mold.Another holiday item from Pavoni is the Thermoformed Fringe Christmas Tree Mold Set. This kit contains molds to create beautiful chocolate Christmas trees to use as gifts, amenities or to decorate your gingerbread village.

Also featured on the site are high-quality pastry boxes that are ideal for yule log cakes. Each box measures 35 x 14 x 14 cm and comes in a pack of 25. Boxes are available in a marbled gold or glossy black and white design. For pricing and more info on these and other products, visit