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Artisan Salt from the Hamptons

Hamptons Salt Company’s range of artisan salts has become a popular addition to the shelves in specialty food markets in the Hamptons and New York, and now they are available in Massachusetts, Florida and California.

These all-natural salts are a great alternative to processed salts – they taste of the sea, come in a variety of flavors, and they are also a healthier, unrefined option for diners. Each salt has a unique taste profile based on the sea from which it originated, making these raw, smoked and flavor-infused salts a unique component and a favorite among foodies and professional chefs.

Sourced from around the world, Hamptons Salt is available in 29 different varieties, from raw salts to flavor-infused salts, which run the gamut from tangy Lime to the super spicy Ghost Pepper to the sweet Vanilla bean or the ultra-decadent Black Truffle salt. Celebrity fans include Swizz Beatz, Katie Lee, Alex Guarnaschelli, Pat LaFrieda, Sonja Morgan and Jill Zarin. For more info, visit www.HamptonsSalt.com.

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