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Ed and Natasha Tatton: On Going Vegan & Operating a Vegan Bakery

Originally from Kent, England, Ed Tatton has worked in fine dining kitchens around the world and has been making sourdough since 2008. Ed and his wife Natasha moved to Canada in 2013 to snowboard for a season, and both worked in hospitality, Ed working at farm-to-table restaurant Alta Bistro in Whistler, BC. While taking some shoulder-season leave and working on Vancouver Island farms in the summer of 2014, Ed started a sourdough culture that he took with him back to Alta Bistro and implemented a bread program for the restaurant.

In 2016, Ed rented the bistro’s kitchen once a week to make bread for his friends, who subsequently told their friends, and before long demand had increased to a point where Ed had outgrown the equipment. That’s when Ed and Natasha decided to open BReD, a 100% plant-based organic sourdough bread shop in Creekside, Whistler. As committed vegans, it was important for Ed and Natasha to bring that into their business. BReD sells loaves for pick-up in-store and a selection of vegan baked goods.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Ed and Natasha decided to go vegan
  • Their decision to open their own vegan bakery in Whistler
  • Ed’s process of recipe development and his tips for creating top-level vegan baked goods
  • Ed and Natasha’s commitment to sustainability and how that is reflected at BReD
  • Ed secret for making vegan brownies with a crackly top
  • Ed’s tip on lamination and his quest to create the best vegan croissant
  • And much more!

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