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Dee Frances: Lessons on Baking Science from a Cookbook Author, Obsessive Baker & Blogger

Dee Frances is the voice and creator behind the baking blog One Sarcastic Baker, where she shares sweet baking recipes and different information about baking and baking science.

Working in retail bakeries and years of exploring and learning has given Dee the experience and knowledge to dive deep into the world of baking science and write her new book, Baking Science (April, 2022, Page Street Publishing), where she talks about the importance of science in the baking process and how we can use it to better our craft.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Dee became obsessed with baking
  • What motivated her to start a baking blog
  • The dirty details of food blogging
  • The role of eggs in baking
  • A unique method for stabilizing whipped cream
  • When to use butter vs. oil in baking
  • The importance of acid in baking
  • Why freezing is a type of baking
  • Dee’s tip for pre-heating an oven in record time
  • And much more!

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