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David Vidal: From Savory to Pastry, Competitions, Master Classes & Finding Balance

David Vidal was born in Canada, but moved to Malta with this family at the age of 12. His uncle owned a pastry shop there, and the young David worked at the shop after school during the week. He decided to go to culinary school in Malta at the Institute of Tourism Studies and later set out to become a savory chef. His education led him to London where he honed his skills cooking in hotels and restaurants throughout Europe. He and his wife decided to move to his wife’s hometown on the west coast of Sweden, Strömstad, where he became chef at a harborside restaurant at the age of 25. He eventually moved to the Laholmen Hotel in Strömstad, where he currently works as Sous Chef. About five years ago, Vidal began doing pastry again, and posting some of his work on Instagram. The posts of his desserts were so inspirational, that Vidal’s following increased exponentially – today he has over 400,000 followers. Follow him there at @Vidal31.

In this episode we discuss:

  • David’s first job in the pastry business
  • Attending culinary school and honing his skills in Europe
  • His decision to become a savory chef
  • Competing with the Culinary Team for West of Sweden at the World Cup 2018
  • His gradual return to pastry
  • How he became an Instagram sensation
  • Teaching Master Classes in pastry around the world
  • How he balances his work with his home life
  • And much more!

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