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Crystal Bonnet: Mastering the Art of Raw Desserts

As a graduate of the plant-based and raw food nutrition programs at Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy and the Pure Joy Academy, Crystal Bonnet has worked hard to learn the importance of the culinary aspect and nutritional elements of living foods. “With knowledge, anything is possible!” she emphasizes, and these five words inspire and guide her to create beautiful, innovative raw food and desserts and share her knowledge with those seeking to learn more about raw food and desserts.

Her work within the plant-based culinary industry has led her on many adventures, including the development of unique plant-based menus for new restaurants. She launched her Crystal Dawn Culinary courses, easy to follow and comprehensive classes that allow Chef Crystal to share with her students so that they will have as much knowledge as necessary to understand raw foods and their health benefits. Visit her website at www.crystaldawnculinary.com, or follow her on Instagram at @crystal_dawn_culinary.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Crystal’s journey to a vegan and raw diet
  • Her tips for emulating the texture of baked cakes in raw ones
  • Some misconceptions that non-vegans have about vegan and raw desserts
  • Why Crystal started teaching the art of raw desserts
  • How Crystal launched her raw food culinary academy
  • The process of writing and photographing her first book, The Art of Raw Desserts
  • Crystal’s top tip for making raw desserts
  • How she stores her nuts, seeds and other raw ingredients
  • And much more!

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