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Wave Hill Breads in Norwalk, CT

(This article appeared in the Winter 2023 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Tim Topi, Co-Owner

Company Mission

We bake delicious, healthy artisan breads with fresh, high-quality ingredients our grandmothers would recognize.

Signature Products

Our Three-grain French Country bread is the very first product we baked, and it is still hugely popular.  We hand-shape the dough in traditional artisan shapes like baguettes and batards and we offer a sliced version that is great for families. Our sourdough is also very popular. We bake rustic style and also sandwich bread. Over time, we’ve added breads as customers asked for them. We bake focaccia, ciabatta, pumpernickel, challah and pastries like traditional croissants, muffins and monkey bread.  Whatever you are serving, we have a bread to complement it.

Production Tip

When we are launching a new product, we do extensive testing, monitoring quality and speed of production. Once we reach our desired goal, we document the process and use it going forward.  My 20 years of experience makes me very aware of both the quality and efficiency of our production.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

We have a dough mixer, a laminated dough sheeter and an oven. Those are the only machines at our bakery. We do all dividing, rounding and shaping by hand.  We want to remain true to traditional methods and keep machines to a minimum.

Secret of Success

We mill our own grains right before we use them so that we are using the whole grain at the peak of its freshness and when it has the highest nutritional value. The impact in terms of flavor is huge. All our doughs have the maximum hydration possible and long fermentation times.    All these factors make a big difference in terms of not just flavor, but also digestibility.

Future Goals

We recently began shipping our sliced breads within CT and to NY, NJ and RI. Customers have been asking if we can ship, so this has been on our radar and we’re excited to make our bread available to a broader audience. Many of our customers shop for our bread at seasonal markets that close in the winter months. Shipping will mean that they can order online and always have delicious bread on hand.  We also plan to begin making sandwiches.  It’s a logical place for growth.

For more info, visit www.wavehillbreads.com

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