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Sub Rosa Bakery in Richmond, VA

(This article appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Photo by Roman Cho

Evin Dogu and Evrim Dogu, Owners

Company Mission

To help create a new food culture, inspire love for the simple pleasures of life, and reveal a timeless way of baking.

Signature Product

Croissants (our Chocolate Croissant and Fig Jam and Appalachian Cheese Croissant, specifically, are two of the most popular!) and naturally leavened bread made with 100 percent stone ground flour milled in-house and baked in a double deck, wood fired oven (the centerpiece of the bakery!).

Production Tip

Our signature product is croissants, so we always prepare our butter sheets or “beurrage” the day before. Two bakers work together to bang out the butter with a rolling pin, sheet it out between Silpats, and then shape the butter into the dimensions we need to lock it into the dough the following day. We refrigerate the butter sheets and use them in the following day’s laminations.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

Our Rondo dough sheeter(we’d be lost – and bruised from hand rolling – without her!) for laminating, sheeting out cookies, tarts, croissants and, of course, our Sottoriva dough mixer (from the 60’s!) as well, which we use for mixing all our doughs, as well as our almond and pistachio creams. If you’ve ever tried laminating by hand, you know that a sheeter saves countless hours of time, every step of the way!

Secret of Success

An attention to using the highest quality ingredients possible and never skimping (organic and local when possible, and all of our bread is made with stone-ground flour that we mill in-house),  combined with traditional methods of making bread and croissants . Also, quality control, quality control, quality control!

Future Goals

We are outgrowing our space and business has surpassed our production capacity, so we are looking to find a second location to help offset this imbalance. We’re also hoping to use the second location as another hub to sell our breads and pastries. We are still debating whether to expand our wholesale bread and freshly milled flour operation (which is very small at the moment).

Visit www.subrosabakery.com for more info

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