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Pretty Cool Ice Cream in Chicago, Illinois

Dana Salls Cree & Michael Ciapciak, Owners

Company Mission

To create delicious hand-crafted ice cream novelties, like an indoor popsicle truck.

Signature Product

Orange Party Pop: A cream cheese ice cream bar dipped in an orange magic shell and covered in a bright orange sprinkle blend.

Secret of Success

Investing in the intangible aspects of my career. As a kitchen employee I didn’t have much earning power, so I decided long ago I needed to invest in the things you couldn’t buy. I did this by traveling and staging in a variety of kitchens, exposing myself to as many flavors as possible, asking the accounting department to educate me as often as possible, watching other peoples’ successes and failures, and refining my own ethics and attitudes towards everyone in the industry, from dishwashers, delivery drivers and vendors, co-workers, events salespeople, and, of course, the guests. When it came time to open a shop, investors offered fiscal support, but this web of people and experience lifted us higher than anything money could buy.

Shop’s Best Feature

We build a large viewing window between the public area and the kitchen so people could see that everything was being made right there. The colorful jumpsuits we wear in the kitchen, a fun way to stay connected to dairy processing uniforms, are a big hit. And I really love seeing a group of girls watching us, seeing that this is an option for them too. They can love the ice cream, make the ice cream, and own the business one day.

Photography by Sandy Noto

Get more info at: www.prettycoolicecream.com

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