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Pinolo Gelato, Portland, Oregon

(This article appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)      

Sandro Paolini, Owner

Company Mission

Artisanal Italian gelato handmade in Portland, Oregon. Reviving Old World gelato making in order to create both classic flavors and seasonal specials based on Italian desserts and culinary traditions.

Signature Products

Pistacchio – a classic flavor, on the menu year round. Our pistachios are imported from Sicily and are grown in the volcanic soil of Mt. Etna, facing the sea. This dynamic growing environment gives them an earthy and intense nut flavor that shines in the gelato. Ricotta, Pine Nut & Honey – a seasonal special flavor. The ricotta comes from a Northwest farm where the sheep benefit from grazing on the region’s rich grass. The pine nuts, on the other hand, are imported from the coast of Tuscany, a growing region considered the best in Italy because of their distinct raisin-y flavor. I grew up here where we used pine nuts as an everyday ingredient, it’s one of my favorite flavors and that’s why our namesake is “Pinolo”.

Secret of Success

Simplicity. We select the highest quality seasonal ingredients, use as few as possible, and follow Old World gelato making methods. The concept of Italian cuisine is to take as few ingredients as possible and combine them in a way that best highlights and elevates them all. With this in mind, we create both classic Italian flavors and specials that celebrate Italian culinary traditions. 

Shop’s Best Feature

Inviting, light-filled space with communal seating. The Italian culture around gelato is about relaxing, sharing and spending time with family and friends. At Pinolo we create that through bench seating, stand-up bars and outdoor tables, all of which bring people together in a neighborhood environment.

Photo Credit: Aubrie LeGault

Visit www.pinologelato.com for more info.

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