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Marble Dessert Dining in New York, NY

(This article appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Mauro Pompili and Maya Sittisuntorn, Owners

Company Mission

To offer an experience focusing on fine-dining in which dessert doesn’t have to be typical by using mainly fresh and seasonal or usual ingredient combinations, including a play on savory- sweet. Dessert can be its own highlight and is not always a second thought.

Signature Products

A ‘Dessert Dining Experience’ at our chefs’ counter. Our ‘Tasting Experience’ highlights seasonal – both local and unusual – ingredients in an intimate setting where guests can see each dish being put together right in front of them. They are able to converse and interact directly with the chefs. Our guests also come to us for our exclusive made-to-order whole cakes, which are available for our VIPs (with limited availability for other guests).

Production Tip

Having an organized and solid base. No matter which level of preparation is being executed, for us, we slow down to speed up. If the set-up and the basic base is not right, the end product will not be correct, let alone high quality. If something is not up to quality or not right, it becomes wasteful, therefore, doing it right the first time is the best way to prevent additional cost on both ingredients, time, and labor.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

The spoon! Everything we do here at Marble requires a lot of attention. It is not just turning a machine on and it’s done when the timer goes off. We pay close attention to how ingredients change in color, shape, and smell as we work on them. The spoon becomes an extension of our hands to work directly with those ingredients. It is what we use from weighing out ingredients to finishing a perfectly composed dish.

Secret of Success

Perseverance and constancy. Being able to offer something our guests can rely on, regardless of the difficulty on the back end. Our guests know that they can count on us for quality and care.

Future Goals

There will be a few upgrades to the current Marble, as well as an expansion in Asia that is on hold because of the pandemic. We are also working on something based online, where our guests can order a little piece of Marble to be delivered to them nationwide. Stay tuned!

Visit www.marbledessertbar.com/ for more info

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