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Maison Villatte in Falmouth, MA

(This article appeared in the Winter 2023 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Boris Villatte, Owner

Company Mission

Our primary mission is to bring the French tradition of a boulangerie to our local community.

Signature Products

The signature products we are most famous for are our viennoiseries!  Some favorites are our croissants, almond croissants and our ham & cheese croissants. Also, our French artisan bread which loyal customers come for, and our classic French pastries – eclairs, choux à la crème and assorted tarts. We do change many of our products seasonally.

Production Tip

For us, speed is not our goal. We use traditional processes by allowing our products to rise and ferment naturally. We achieve this by controlling environment and temperatures, using proper equipment and learned processes. We always work a day ahead for next day baking.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

Our Stone Hearth deck oven for baking produces 200 loaves at a time. The retarder proofer allows to slowly rise the bread at a specific control temperature and humidity.  And the dough sheeter allows for more precise control when working with large volumes; in the busy seasons we are producing upwards of 1500 pieces per day. This equipment saves us time while controlling efficiency of the process of the product from the beginning to the end. We are a high-volume bakery, and this type of equipment is necessary to keep things moving efficiently.

Secret of Success

Our staff is the key for success! Having skilled and trained employees in the field of the baking industry helps with quality. Also, using quality ingredients and top equipment. The ambiance in the front gives the customers the feeling of walking into a French bakery (including French music); our loyal customers bring friends and family back year after year.

Future Goals

We do hope to expand, bringing in quality, skilled bakers and pastry chefs to make this happen!


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