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L’Artisane Creative Bakery in Coral Gables, FL

(This article appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Carolina and Jonathan Molea, Owners

Company Mission

L’Artisane’s mission is to provide world class vegan viennoisserie, desserts, and brunch in a sophisticated, modern atmosphere – one in which customer service and attention to detail are paramount. Our offerings are not only delicious, but good for the well-being of our planet and the animals.

Signature Products

We are well known for our wide selection of vegan viennoisserie that showcases more than 12 different mouthwatering croissants and Danishes, as well as our All-Day Brunch menu that features our award-winning croissant in various savory presentations. After winning “Best Croissant Miami” in 2019, we have grown a loyal community of croissant lovers, many of whom continue to support us and come back for our innovative take on this traditional French staple, the vegan way.

Production Tip 

Working with laminated dough in a hot and humid environment is not an easy task, something which we have learned while working with delicate products in the warm Miami weather. The temperature of the détrempe during the lamination process has proven to be crucial, so in order to ensure that it will remain the same throughout the entire process, we use our Multifresh by Irinox to lower the temperature of our patons to 0 degrees Celsius, and maintain it unaltered. This ensures that we not only work efficiently, but effectively, and guarantees a consistent product every time.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

We rely on technology; our Multifresh unit from Irinox allows us to program the proofing of our croissants overnight, delivering consistent results without fail. We no longer need an overnight baker to proof our viennoisserie. Our team arrives at 5:30 am to ensure that the entire production is ready to be baked, and never over-proofed. This is due to the cabinet’s helpful holding feature, which ensures that they will remain at the correct temperature for hours. This small, but advantageous change has allowed us to save more than 1,500 man hours in a year. Another crucial piece of equipment is a good refrigerated storage area, since a beneficent way to escalate your business is by having enough space to store and freeze your production. When designing your kitchen, it is important to be conscious of where you want your business to be a year from now, five years from now, and so on. This will allow you to have the opportunity to invest in equipment that will help you get there, and henceforth achieve your goals.

Secret of Success 

We are unapologetically vegan! Six years ago, it was almost delusional to open a French vegan bakery, the first one of its kind. Despite this, we believed in our dream, and made it real. Our motivation is so strong that it has allowed us stay afloat during the most daring of times. We have proved that it is possible to offer world-class viennoisserie and desserts, without the use of animal derived products, and this is the future! Climate reports keep warning about the need to change our consuming habits, and it is therefore our responsibility to offer options to our clients that will positively impact our planet’s future.

Future Goals

L’Artisane has a bright future ahead, and we are working on expanding our current location and including new and exciting products to our offering. We broke the mold, and now the possibilities are endless!

Visit www.lartisanebakery.com/ for more info

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