Holler Treats in Portland, Oregon


(This article appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Danielle Bailey, Executive Pastry Chef

Company Mission

To create a fun and welcoming shop for guests to create memories and traditions in. We offer a wide range of nostalgic treats, from ice cream and cake to coffee, pie and cookies, and hope to become a destination for celebrations or just sweet cravings.

Signature Products

Ice cream scoops and party cakes! We are hoping to become the neighborhood’s go-to after school stop for scoops, ice cream floats or cookies. Party cakes to go or by the slice are becoming a guest favorite and we rotate the slice flavors daily. We have a full espresso bar featuring the amazing GOOD Coffee roasted beans to pair with breakfast pastries and kolaches, baked fresh daily.

Production Tip

Most cut-out items we produce are cut into rectangles or squares rather than circles. This creates less waste per tray, because only a small amount of each edge is unusable rather than the space between each circle. We use a double handled “cheese” knife and ruler to accurately cut lemon bars and ice cream sandwiches into many rectangles or squares. The edges of many items are saved and stirred into ice cream specials, as well.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

Our ice cream machine is a really important tool in the bakery. It has a large, two-gallon capacity, and will freeze a batch in nine minutes. It allows us to make many ice cream pints really quickly, saving time and money. A great feature of the Stoelting machine we have is the clear lid on the top. We can check the progress of the ice cream as well as stir in the additions (such as chocolate chips or brownie bits) right in the machine, ensuring even distribution. Plus, it is a breeze to clean! Another tool that I love is our blast chiller – it allows us to make and finish ice cream products quickly and create a better finished product. For instance, we can assemble a full tray of ice cream sandwiches and chill it down quickly to hold its shape, then slice it while nice and firm to get straight edges. It is a lot of fun and really helpful for playing around with different molded and shaped ice cream treats,  such as drumsticks and ice cream cakes.

Secret of Success

Cheery decor! When you walk into Treats, you are met with a full shop mural of colorful characters, an oversized chandelier, retro decor and plants! It is a very memorable and fun space and is hard not to feel joyful in. We also offer a growing selection of party merchandise and greeting cards. The idea is you can stop in, pick up a party cake (don’t forget the ice cream!) and grab all the candles, cake toppers and party napkins you need. Our treats are inspired by old familiar classics. We make the cakes, pies, ice cream, and cookies that you know from childhood, but do it with a fun twist and high quality ingredients. Guests can stop in for a slice of funfetti cake and a shirley temple float (lime sorbet, house- made grenadine and ginger beer), and take a house-made drumstick home for later.

Future Goals

Kids’ birthday party buyouts. Our sister restaurant next door connects to us through an arcade. We hope to swing aside the lockers that separate us and have the entire space available for rent. Parties could include birthday cakes, root beer floats and scoops of ice cream, plus we have adult beverages for the chaperones!

Photos by Sparkhouse Studios

Visit www.hollertreatspdx.com/ for more info