Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates in Sacramento, California


Ginger & Tom Hahn, Owners

Company Mission

We believe in four primary principles in order to achieve greatness in pastry arts and as a small business: never skip steps and always pay attention to the details, constantly monitor products to ensure freshness, always push yourself to continue to learn and grow within the craft, respect chocolate. We are honored to be part of this tradition and proud to be practicing classical techniques that have been employed by many great chocolatiers before us.

Signature Product

Palet D’Or bitter sweet chocolate from Peru and our Salty Caramel Macaron.

Secret of Success

Humility, listening, learning, and resilience.

Shop’s Best Feature

The color pink (Ginger’s favorite color!). The vertical layout of the store makes for beautiful window displays. The cabinets are specifically designed to let the chocolates take center stage.

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