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Frederic Loraschi Chocolate in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

(This article appeared in the Winter 2020 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Frederic & Diana Loraschi, Owners

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding chocolate confections, while consistently striving to deliver a memorable customer experience and conducting business with integrity and fairness.

Signature Product

This is so difficult to answer. My customers would probably say ‘Rise’, a white chocolate bonbon made out of mango and passion fruit juice, but I love everything we do here, from the origin chocolate bars, truffles, buttery caramels, macarons, and all the specialties we offer during the holiday season.

Secret of Success

The secret of our success is to create a wide array of confections and pastries that are delicious, sophisticated and fairly priced.  I enjoy taking the time to talk to my customers and assist them with their choices in the boutique and answer questions they may have in the process of purchasing a gift for someone special. We know our audience, our market, we don’t let social media platforms dictate our offerings. Pastries or confections that are trendy in Paris, New York, Tokyo or Barcelona will not be necessarily become best sellers in our shop. Lastly, a job well done is the salary of the soul, therefore hard work and dedication are key elements to continued success.

Shop’s Best Feature

Our 4,000-square-foot production facility is located in a residential neighborhood 10 minutes from downtown Harrisburg. The boutique offers an industrial look and feel, modern and minimalist. The inside walls of the shop were designed with large glass panels, allowing the customers to see into the chocolate factory. We wanted our customers to realize that all of our products were made here, by caring employees. Something that seems normal to us, but always surprises our customers, is the cleanliness of our facility.

Visit www.fredericloraschichocolate.com for more info.

Photo credits: Ashley Kemmer, Michael L. Mihalo

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