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Delysia Chocolatier in Austin, Texas

(This article appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Nicole Patel, Owner

Company Mission

 From the heart of Austin, Texas, Delysia Chocolatier’s mission is to provide high-quality, handcrafted gourmet Parisian style chocolate to the masses. Chef-Owner Nicole Patel sets out to push the culinary boundaries of chocolate through unique, savory creations that assure every occasion in life is more memorable and delicious.

Signature Products

Our award-winning chocolate truffles are crafted to near perfection using the freshest ingredients, sustainable and ethically sourced cacao. Since inception, we have developed hundreds of sweet and savory chocolate truffles that range from traditional milk, dark and raspberry to cayenne, curry and pumpkin. Delysia also offers a rare variety of ruby and gold chocolate truffles as well as personalized and custom collections for seasonal occasions and gifting moments.

Production Tip

Delysia owner Nicole Patel, chocolatier and trained engineer, takes her small team (composed of trusted and reliable family members) through an extensive and detailed preparation process before entering the Culinary Center for production each day. A detailed plan assures daily production goals can be achieved and orders shipped in a timely fashion.

Equipment ‘Must-Haves’

At Delysia, we cannot live without our chocolate molds that we have sourced from Europe for an authentic consumer experience. The molds create our signature ‘square’ shape of our chocolate truffles.

Secret of Success

Our attention to detail, quality and commitment to education is unmatched in the chocolate industry. To ensure a proper chocolate experience, we offer an original series of virtual and in-person classes where we personally teach methods of tasting chocolate, so that all the layers of ingredients are explored on the palate.

Future Goals

Each fall and winter, we release new truffle collections to chocolate lovers with trending ingredients influenced by the season. In October and November, we feature specialty items such as our famous golden chocolate molded turkeys and our exclusive nine-piece Autumn Harvest collection containing chocolate truffle flavors such as Spiced Chai, Apple Pie, Caramelized Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce. For the holidays this year, we have developed an interactive “Soundtrack to the Holidays” Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar made up of 25 different chocolates whose flavors correlate to a hit holiday tune.

Visit https://delysia.com for more info

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