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Chocollazo in San Antonio, Texas

Chocollazo is the sweet combination of dessert restaurant, chocolate shop, ice cream parlor and candy emporium that’s owned by Mary & Frank Collazo

Company Mission

Our mission is to create an edible art experience. Chocolate transcends all desserts in all ways. It is the food of the gods, which is why we treat it with the admiration and respect it deserves.

Signature Product

Hand-painted chocolate truffles.Chocollazo

Secret of Success

Work hard, be polite, take good care of your employees, then work harder.

Shop’s Best Feature

The best part of our shop is having everything sweet under one roof – from handmade chocolates, marshmallows and elegant plated desserts to nostalgic, hard-to-find candies and ice cream.

Visit www.chocollazo.com for more info.

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