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Bianca Bakery in Culver City, CA

(This article appeared in the Fall 2020 issue of Pastry Arts Magazine)

Federico Fernandez, Gianni Vietina and Nicola Vietina, Owners

Company Mission

Bianca is a restaurant that focuses on developing meaningful relationships with its customers while offering a menu influenced by the owners’ roots – Italian, Argentinean, and French. The restaurant was built on the core values of friendship, transparency, and excellence. Inspired by the owners’ family and friends, the restaurant is designed to feel like an extension of one’s home. The staff bond with customers over the cuisine and conversations quickly turn to sports, personal backgrounds, travels, languages, and traditions. Bianca prides itself on celebrating various holidays and religious events with the community, understanding that diversity in their kitchen and in their customers is what brings out the best in their work. Transparency is demonstrated through the restaurant’s open concept layout, with windows to the kitchen on both the inside and outside the restaurant. It makes the restaurant feel more connected to the community. The chefs share their craft with customers who stop in for a bite, and they can greet customers as they pass by on the street. Excellence is at the core of Bianca. Each premium ingredient is sourced from the most prestigious suppliers around the world. Every dish and baked good is made with close detail utilizing highly studied techniques. And all the staff are thoroughly trained in hospitality values and safety measures. Corners are not cut at Bianca (unless it’s on a slice of tiramisu).

Signature Product

The Bostoq pistachio brioche, made by Federico, is a culinary specialty that is filled with pistachio cream instead of almond cream. Federico was inspired by his love of pistachios and decided to explore the flavor as a personal venture. As it became a fan favorite, the delightful adaptation quickly became a bakery case staple. 

Secret of Success

The secret to success is no secret at all, as we stand by our commitment to our core values. We offer nutritious meals and delectable treats made from simple recipes that allow the quality of each ingredient to shine, all while offering pristine customer service.

Shop’s Best Feature

Our dining arrangements. The terrace is modeled after the favorite cafes the owners grew up with in Argentina and Italy. The spacious layout adorned with greenery offers an elevated outdoor dining experience so that our customers can eat while enjoying the sunshine. Inside, the seats are chic and comfortable with plenty of natural light, inviting customers to stay a while with their favorite glass of wine. At Bianca, guests are immersed in our European and Argentinian cultural and culinary influences, sometimes even forgetting their table is actually in Los Angeles.

Note: restaurant seating adheres to social distancing and Bianca enforces all CDC recommendations.

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